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Optional Courses

List of available courses for the OPTIONAL Curricular Units in the 2016/2017 edition:


Processing, Analysis and Modelling of Medical Imaging MI DI
Electronic Clinical Process and Clinical Decision Support MI DI
Networking and Communication Services in Biomedics MI DI
Databases, Learning and Knowledge Extraction MI DI
Ambient Intelligence MI DI
Topics in Distributed Systems MI DI
Knowledge and Reasoning MI DI
Agentes e Sistemas Multiagente MI DI
Cryptography Applied to Medicine MI DI
Wireless Biodevices ME DEI
Microsensors and Microactuators in Biomedics ME DEI
Advanced Techniques in Medical Imaging ME DEI
Computerized Tomography Systems ME DEI
Biomedical Devices and Technologies ME DEI
Microfabrication of Biodevices ME DEI
Stem Cells and Cell Therapy BIOENG DEP
Strategies in Tissue Engineering BIOENG DEP
Biological Performance of Tissue Engineering Products BIOENG DEP
Biomaterials BIOENG DEP
Advanced Materials and Biomimetic Strategies in Tissue Engineering BIOEN DEP
Industrialization and Commercialization in Tissue Engineering BIOENG DEP
Biocompatibility in Tissue Engineering BIOENG DEP
Nanobiomaterials BIOENG DEP

Molecular Biotechnology

Quality of the Hospital Air CE DEB
Nosocomial Infections and Biofilms CE DEB
Nanobiotechnology Elements CE DEB
Biomedical and Rehabilitation Equipment BIOMEC DEM
Complex flows BIOMEC DEM
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials and Structures BIOMEC DEM
Modelling and Analysis of Biomechanical Systems BIOMEC DEM
Surface modification and Functionalization of Biomaterials BIOMEC DEM
Degradation Mechanisms of Biomaterials BIOMEC DEM


MI - Medical Informatics; ME - Medical Electronics; BIOENG - Bioengineering; CE - Clinical Engineering; BIOMEC - Biomechanics

DI - Dept. of Informatics; DEI - Dept. Industrial Electronics; DEM - Dept. of Mechanical Engineering; DEP - Dept. of Polymer Engineering; DEB - Dept. Biological Engineering

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