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Planning of the Thesis in Biomedical Engineering

The main objective of the Curricular Unit (CU) Planning of the Thesis in Biomedical Engineering is to allow each student to identify the problem to adress in his/her Thesis and plan the methodology in order to treat that problem. Additionally, the evaluation by a panel of researchers will provide opinions and suggestions that will help the students to better lead their research work. The successful conclusion of this UC is a mandatory prerequisite  for the admission to the Thesis.
To be eveluated in this UC, the students must:

  1. Submit the Thesis Planning report, which should include:
    • the identification and the motivation of the problem to address;
    • the identification of the objectives to fulfill during the research works;
    • the description of the state of the art along with the main bibliographic references;
    • the description of the methodology to adopt in order to address the identified problem.
  1. Present and defend this report before a jury chaired by the  PDEBIOM director (or representative). This jury also includes the supervisor, an internal examiner and an external examiner to the University of Minho.

2016/2017 School Year

During the 2016/2017 school year there are two moments for the realization of public exams regarding the presentation and discussion of the Thesis Plan:

[M1] At the end of the first semester (January/February), for students who began the Doctoral Course in January/February of the previous year;

[M2] At the end of the second semester (September), for students who began the Doctoral Course in September of the previous year.

Therefore, it was established that:

  • the supervisor should suggest the external examiner until the [M1] 31st of December or the [M2] 30th of June, and send this  communication to the Board of Direction of the PDEBIOM (fmgama <at> deb.uminho.pt);
  • the student should submit the Thesis Plan until the [M1] 31st of January or the [M2] 30th July;


Public Presentation and Discussion Session

The public presentation and discussion session of the  Thesis Plan is a public exam that occurs on the date defined by the Board of Direction of the PDEBIOM. For the public presentation and discussion a jury will be appointed. This jury is presided by the  PDEBIOM director (or representative) and inludes the supervisor, an internal examiner and an external examiner. The session will last an hour, consisting in a 15 minute presentation  by the student, followed by a period of questions from the internal and external examiners, with a duration of 40 minutes shared by the examiners and the student, finalizing with the interventions of the remaining members of the jury. The result of the exam is expressed in terms of  DISAPPROVED and APPROVED and, in the last case, completed by a quantitative evaluation between 10 and 20 values.


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