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Thesis Planning

The  Thesis Planning CU comprises a total of 20 ECTS and is a key requirement for admission to the preparation of the Thesis. This course, which is the reponsibility of the supervisor, includes a written test, with presentation and public discussion.
The written test will identify, define and characterize the problem to be addressed in the thesis, the respective state of the art and research planning.
This Thesis Planning document  must be delivered at the end of the first year of attendance of the Doctoral Course on a date to be established by  the Academic Calendar, typically near the end of July, for students admitted to the first and second phases of application, and during the month of February, for students admitted in the third stage of application. The public presentation and discussion will take place, respectively, in the months of September and March thereafter.
For public presentation and discussion, a jury will be appointed, chaired by the director of  the PDEBIOM (or his representative). This jury includes one internal examiner and one external examiner.
The final classification of the Thesis Planning CU is the responsibility of the jury, which will consider the written test, the respective presentation and discussion, as well as the results of other activities included in this CU.
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