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The tuition values and payment arrangements are established annually by rectoral dispatch.

In the academic year 2012/2013, the tuition value of the Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering is 2.750,00 EUR, set by Dispatch RT-45/2011.

The payment should be executed according to the following plan:

1st 31st October    500,00 EUR
2nd 15th December    450,00 EUR
3rd 29th February    450,00 EUR
4th 31st March    450,00 EUR
5th 30th April    450,00 EUR
6th 31st May    450,00 EUR
TOTAL 2.750,00 EUR

According to the same dispatch, the tuition value for part-time students, or students who lack a maximum of 30 ECTS to complete the curricular component , is determined by the following formula:

  • 25% of the tuition x (1+3 x (number of remaining ECTS  / 60 ECTS) )

The payment should me executed in 6 installments, according to the above-mentioned payment calendar.

If a student re-enrolls in the doctoral program to conclude the doctoral thesis, the value of the tuition will be proportional to the number of months until its delivery  and established based on the number of corresponding trimesters.

Tuition payments after the established deadlines will be increased by interest at the legal rate. Meanwhile, administrative acts, such as certificate emission, among others, will be suspended.

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